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Safe wash

Machine Polish & Ceramic Coating

Full Interior Deep Clean

Price £60

Safe wash means that extra care is taken to minimise the risk of any resulting scratches or swirl marks.

All chemicals used are PH neutral. Meaning no harsh chemicals.

- Full bodywash & Snow Foam


- Under Arches Cleaned

- Wheels Cleaned

- Door Shuts Cleaned

- Minimum Contact with Vehicle to m

Minimise Scratches.


Machine Polish Range 

Stage 1- Using Compound and Dual Action/Polisher- From £100.

Stage 2- Using Various Compounds and Pads and Dual Action Polisher- From £300.

Ceramic Coatings- From £325. 

Small Cars- £325

Ford Fiiesta, Vauxhall Nova, Peugeot 205, Renault 5, Austin Metro, Volvo 340.

Medium Cars- £395

Ford Angila, Vauxhall Astra, BMW 3 Series, Volvo 440, Rover 200 Series, Austin Montego.

Large Cars- £495

Volvo 245, Ford Zephyr, Rover P6, Jaguar XJ, Vauxhall Senator, Audi 100.

Extra Large & Prestige-

Ford Transit, VW Camper, Rolls Royce Silver Spur, Daimler Sovereign, Mercedes Benz 600, Bentley T1.


Price £100-180

Antibacterial deep clean of all surfaces of your car's interior making it dust & bacteria/virus free. Full vacuum,carpets & mats wet vacuumed. Leather cleaned & conditioned or fabric seats wet vacuumed & dried to remove stains and dirt. Headlining is safely steamed cleaned to kill off smells. Air vents cleaned & sanitised. Plastic handles, buttons, switches, trim, dashboard, door-cards all steam cleaned. Mould removal additional cost - Viewing required.

Convertible Soft Top Clean & Protection

Price £150-£250

Loose debris is removed, your soft top roof is carefully cleaned using a soft top bristle brush & premium roof cleaner, designed to break down & remove mould, algae & dirt that causes discolouration. After drying your roof is treated with a premium fabric guard designed to protect & build a weatherproof barrier.

Wide range of areas covered

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